Collection: Gold Rat Sluices and Highbankers fitted with Dream Mat

Aussie Detectorist is proud to carry the Full Range of Gold Rat sluices and Highbankers at our premises at 1/11 Riverside Drive Mayfield West. In the steel River Industrial Estate Newcastle.

 There's a lot to be said for hanging up the detector for the day and getting your feet wet with some good ole fashioned Dirt Washing!

From running a river sluice, like the Gold Rat Bare Bones or The Legendary 888, or going Full hard core with 12 Inch Full High banker its all great Fun.

Good luck keeping up with the 12 Inch Highbanker and a shovel BTW, That's a serious days work. But can be highly rewarding being able to wash that much dirt. Its a few mates shovelling kinda thing. LOL

Aussie detectorist has been appointed an Official Gold Rat supplier here in Newcastle and we have a great range in stock at the store and also in the Online store.  

Its is preferred for you to drop in to the shop for gold rat gear, it will save you a TON on shipping and we can give you a good run down so you buy the RIGHT piece of equipment the first time.

It is well Known the CHEAPEST way to go about Buying detecting and prospecting gear is to buy the RIGHT piece of gear the first time.

By Getting some advice and seeing the products in Person Quite often what you think you need after Looking Online, may not be quite right.

Of course ALL Gold Rat Sluices and Highbankers are fitted with Dream Mat STANDARD! We all know Dream Catches more gold.

Happy Dirt Washing


P.S My tip is the Gold Rat Full Modular set Up, Its everything from a re-circ to a shovel ready highbanker to a river sluice, all in the ONE Package. Even Comes with some hose and 3000 GPH Bilge.

Gold Rat Sluices are Made In Australia.



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