Collection: Metal Detectors

Aussie Detectorist Only carries tested, Field Proven Metal Detectors from the TOP Brands in the world.

Gold Nuggets, Old coins, Hitting the beach or even Underwater, we have Metal Detectors to suit your needs, Budget and Experience Level.

And YES we also Carry the heavy hitter dream machines, Like the GPX 6000 and GPZ7000.

It's Important when investing in a quality metal detector to get the right advice and to make sure your getting a detector that suits your needs. Just because it says gold in the title doesn't necessarily it will suit your gold hunting.

There are several Main types of metal detectors we carry, they all detect metal but most are suited to one or more of the these types of hunting.

  • Gold Metal Detectors, These are suited to handling Highly Mineralised ground, Punching deeper and finding smaller targets.
  • Treasure/Coin/Relic Metal Detectors. These are suited to looking for coins, jewellery and other items in all types of conditioned.
  • Beach and Underwater Metal Detectors. These can be very specialised machines and the beach can be on eof h ehardest places to hunt effectively with the wrong machine.

Buying your first metal detector or upgrading to a serious machine you can get in touch with our staff and let is help you through the decision. We want you to find more cool stuff faster and we are sure to have a machine to suit your needs and budget.

EVERY Metal Detector comes with Training and Access to our Growing community and Knowledge Base.

Order with confidence from a Certified Dealer of Minelab, XP Metal Detectors, Garrett and Nokta, Knowing you'll get the back up when you need it too.

We also Carry accessories from all major accessory brands and a few you may never heard of.

certified minelab metal detector dealer