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Garrett Axiom Wireless Package.

Garrett Axiom Wireless Package.

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FREE Premium Cover set Included with Every Aussie Detectorist Axiom.

This is the Garrett Axiom, the most powerful, advanced gold machine Garrett has ever produced and the lightest detector in its class.                                                                    Powered by a built-in, high-capacity Lithium-ion battery that provides about 16 hours of use, twice that of other high-end pulse detectors. 

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The Axiom is all about gold performance. Its Ultra-Pulse technology means ultra-fast, multi-pulse technology and timings, along with advanced digital signal processing. This allows excellent depth on larger targets while providing enhanced sensitivity to very fine nuggets of sub one-tenth gram size, or 1 to 2 grain-sized.

The Axiom has excellent sensitivity and an all-new Terra-Scan multi-channel ground balancing system. Its wide range of adjustment allows Axiom to handle everything from extremely mineralized ferrous black sands, to hot rocks and iron stones, to salty alkaline areas, and even saltwater beaches. 
With Terra Scan, four different timing modes, an EMI cancellation feature, and four selectable speed settings for continuous Ground Tracking the Axiom has the versatility, technology & performance to find gold or relics in places where other high-end pulse detectors simply can’t.

  • “Made in the USA”
  • The warranty period, 36-months
  • Australian warranty & servicing
  • Australian stock

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