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PinPointer Probes for Metal Detecting

Having a Pinpointer when you go metal detecting allows you to quickly and easily locate targets so that you can get back to swinging the detector and covering ground.

There are 3 Things you absolutely need to enjoy metal detecting to its Fullest.

  1. Your Metal Detector.
  2. A decent Digging Tool to retrieve targets.
  3. A Pinpointer to locate the targets in the hole and for more accurate digging.

With these three things on your team you have a complete kit and are ready to start your metal detecting Journey.

To buy a major brand pinpointer is going to set you back around $250 + Postage if you can't get into a shop that has one in stock.

That's a lot of Money and the cheaper alternatives have turned out to be pretty useless in the field. 

Some brands where just not built for the hard life of a metal detecting pinpointer and false signals, Range and Battery life issues have been very common.

We are pleased to Introduce to you the range of pinpointers that we are able to source that pass our tests for

  • Quality,
  • Price
  • and Functionality.

These Pinpointers offer a genuine alternative to the more expensive brands and do a very good job in the field.

The Pinpointers that we choose to carry have been built and designed by Detectorists and they know what works and what doesn't.

Take a look at the range of Pinpointers on Display in most cases we are the only agents for these products.

They are great quality, do the job well and are priced RIGHT. Even with the Aussie dollar getting weaker by the day.

Grab a pinpointer and enjoy the fast recovery times. It even comes in handy locating nails in the wall or security screening guests to your next dinner party.

Have fun and Happy Detecting