Collection: Pinpointers

Having a Pinpointer when you go Metal Detecting allows you to quickly and easily locate targets. Quicker recoveries means more hunting time, which means more finds. Simple......


There are 3 things you absolutely need to enjoy Metal Detecting to its fullest....

  1. A Metal Detector
  2. A Digging Tool
  3. A Pinpointer

With these, you have the basic kit and are ready to start your Metal Detecting journey.

To buy a major brand pinpointer is going to cost you around $250 + Postage (if applicable). That's a lot of money!  BUT the cheaper alternatives are usually useless, your probably going to end up with one of these anyway.

Let's face it, some brands are just not built to survive the hard life of a pinpointer, and some of us really put them to the test.  False signals, poor ground penetration depth and short battery lives have always been the number one complaints.

We are pleased to present our range of pinpointers that have passed our strict, rigorous testing for...


They have been designed and built exclusively for our hobby by worldwide, respected major brands. 

So, grab yourself one today and start enjoying super fast target recovery times. You'll wonder how you ever coped without one, I promise you.

Have fun and Happy Hunting!