Collection: Garrett Metal Detectors.

Garrett Metal Detectors. Made in the USA!

Aussie Detectorist is proud to have Garrett Metal Detectors in store at Mayfield west and available Australia Wide via the online store.

Garrett have been instrumental in the development of the hobby here in Australia and if you'll remember the Hand of Faith Nugget was found with a Garrett Metal Detector. So they have a big place in our hobbies history too.

In Fact we have an A2b in store in working order if you'd like to see what one looks like.

Life changing Nuggets aside, Garrett has always been part of the Australian coin and relic scene as well. The ACE Range of metal detectors still remains the BEST SELLING model in the world. With the move into multi frequency with ACE apex range that record is going to be had to break.

The AT range ATPro, AT Gold and AT Max have been responsible for literally tens of thousands of find on Australia and have served their owners well over long periods of time.

Now we see Garrett re-Enter the gold market again with the 24K and the top of the pops AXIOM Pulse induction machine. 

The Current Garrett range is an excellent way to start your journey or to expand on your current one and you cab be assured of top level support from US and Garrett Australia should you need us.

Lastly Garrett Australia and Garrett in The USA have been supporters of the Metal Detecting world Championship since its inception in 2019. You can tell how committed they are to our hobby by their continued support of that event in Australia. For that we thank them wholeheartedly and welcome them into the Aussie Detectorist stores.

Aussie Detectorist and Garrett Australia. a Team you can trust.


Clegy, Andrew and Rod.

P.S Andrew and Rod have great experience with Garrett gear so expect some pretty solid advice on the Garrett Range in store or on the phone.

YES it's True, Rod warped his AT in a HOT car and was still one of the best detectorists around newcastle. Pretty sure he still has the poor thing somewhere. LOL

Garrett Metal Detectors at Aussie Detectorist