Collection: Gold Pans, Sieves and Rocker box

Panning for gold is a thrill for young and Old alike. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing 'Colour' in the Pan!

 As Seen on Vo-Gus prospecting YouTube Chris Loves the XP Pan..

Traditionally a panning Kit came with up to 3 pans of varying widths, each getting smaller and adding more riffles. The Idea was to start in the largest pan and work your way down the sizes. Eventually doing the final clean up in the smallest Gold pan.

XP in France said "Nan trop dur mon pote" or "Nah, Too Hard Mate" and developed the ONLY Gold Pan that has 4 distinct panning Zones, Including the Brand NEW 'Snakeskin' profile that has literally changed the way you clean up your gold.

Check out the Range of XP Gold Pans, Gold Panning Kits and Gold Panning accessories.

When your ready to turn up a level, then head over to the Gold Rat Collection of Sluices and Gold Collection tools.

Gold Rat Sluices

XP gold pans with snakeskin
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