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Magnet fishing has exploded in popularity here in Australia. At aussie detectorist we have sourced the best kits so you can get out there and start dragging in your finds.

Kids love to magnet fish, every piece of metal no matter how gross, is a treasure so why discourage that? We have the kit especially for them.

We have magnets for kids up to the 1 tonne bad boys for those that just can't get enough of the magnet fishing hobby.

Also you'll find a range of small pick magnets and other tools that involve the science of magnetics.

You didn't know you needed a telescopic magnet pick-up tool until you did. A handy little beast for that shallow iron target you just scraped with the pick.

Get into magnet fishing or just one to screw onto your pick we have the lot at Aussie detectorist.

Magnet fishing, also known as magnetic recovery, offers a new kind of outdoor activity that combines the thrill of treasure hunting with the serenity of fishing. With a strong magnet, a rope, a pair of gloves, a bucket or bag, you are well equipped for your new adventure.

The thrill lies in the unknown. Just as with conventional fishing, you never know what you could reel in. Your magnetic find could range from coins that hold historical value, attractive bits of iron-based metals or even unconventional items such as bicycles, guns, safes and other substantial and surprising finds. The adventure into the unknown provides innumerable opportunities for fascination and excitement.

Magnetics offers you top-notch magnet fishing kits to begin this fantastic journey. With our extensive range of high-quality magnets, you could start exploring a wealth of undiscovered treasures that are just waiting to be found at the bottom of your local lake, pond, river or canal. Imagine, each cast could unveil a hidden piece of history or a shiny token from a bygone era.

Remember, the secret of great magnet fishing experience is patience, persistence and a great-quality magnet. So, get your hands on our Magnetics' magnet fishing kit and dive into your adventure. Who knows? The catch of the day could be a historical artifact!

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