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Hand Picked Metal Detecting Products

 Around the world there are many Metal detecting products that are not available in Australia. I find the best of them and make them available to Australian Detectorists.

Most of these products are EXCLUSIVE to and we are proud to represent these brands and make them available to you.

Being a smaller independent Importer I don't need to sell thousands of items, so I am able to bring in low volumes of specialty metal detecting products.

Each product has been extensively researched and tested in Australia before being presented here. You can be assured that you are among a group of people that are enjoying the benefits of products that have been hard to get here in Australia previously.

ALL products are sourced direct from the manufacturer and in some cases it has taken a lot of convincing to be able to make these available to you. 

All Pricing is as close to International recommended retail as possible, in Most cases it is virtually the same to buy from than it is to import from the same product from overseas.
(And I go through all the customs pain for you FREE of charge!)

If you have any questions about any of these hand picked metal detecting products then please get in touch. 

Below you will see the products and they all backed by the full conditions of the manufacturer's warranty.

I'm always on the look out for more so stay tuned on the newsletter to keep upto date with the latest shipments and new additions to

Thanks for being a customer.


Happy Hunting


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