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Mi-4 Mi-6 Protective Case

Mi-4 Mi-6 Protective Case

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Clear Protective Plastic pin pointer Cover for Your XP Mi-4/ Mi-6 Pin Pointer

  • Easy to fit and keep clean, just run under fresh water and rub off the mud
  • Fits Both XP: Mi-4 and Mi-6 Pin Pointers
  • Extra protection and Prolong the working life of your Investment, just as a coil cover protects your coil
  • Durable and lightweight, protects against moisture, mud, dust, dirt and sand
  • Works with all available pointer holsters
  • 100% Fully enclosed bonded PVC pointer tip
  • The Pin Pointers light is still visible through the transparent cover
  • Two piece cover does not affect the operation sensitivity of the device during use
  • Included: Optional included power button bumper, to make the power button operation on the pin pointer more tactile and easier to use (especially with gloves on)
  • Reinforced rim removable top hat cover, to gain access to the charging port under the units cap
  • Open top design, allows the buzzer to still be heard well, as the speaker is under the cap (next to the charge port)
  • Supplied with 3M Temflex PVC tape for fixing (Pull the tape slightly whilst ad-hearing case to pointer, for best results)
  • Easy cleaning, just clean the entire pin pointer in water (no need to remove case)
  • Shown with lanyards, holsters and pinpointers for reference purposes only. None of that is included!


For those that need to hear it- THIS CASE IS NOT DESIGNED TO TURN A PIN POINTER INTO A DIGGING TOOL! Just sayin'

Full Kit includes:

   1x Pin Pointer Transparent case with fully bonded PVC tip

   1x Reinforced top hat cap cover

   2x Lengths of colour coded 3M Temflex PVC tape to ease installation

   1x Power button, bumper extension

   1x Full Fitting Instruction sheet

Keep your Pin Pointer looking Brand New!


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