About Us

Dear Detectorist,

Thank you for taking the time to check out our range of XP Deus, and other Metal detecting products. You probably know a lot about our products but what about the people behind the scenes?

On this page we will introduce ourselves and let you get to know a little about the people behind the resurgence of XP Deus in Australia.

The company behind the scenes is called Aussie Detectorist Pty Ltd. A 100% Australian family owned and run business since 2004. Previously in the financial services sector this section of the business was sold in 2014 with the retirement of the senior partner.

Onto the Next generation and Justin Cleghorn, a keen detectorist, Contacted XPLORER detectors in France after being unable to purchase an XP deus Locally.

 This single email, inquiring about buying a Deus from the factory in France Led to over 30 emails and a new venture was born.

So what can you expect from Justin and Aussie Detectorist Pty Ltd when your dealing with us?

Firstly, Friendly service is the number one priority. We are here for you, our success will be directly related to the way we treat our customers and that's how it should be.

I have to say the thing that is most commonly missing in all types of business is good old fashioned service, we hope to be the exception to that rule.

So when you deal with Us, be assured that we will look after you. The phone will be answered in a friendly manner and when dealing with us we will always treat you with respect.

This is my promise.

After Sales Care is also important to us as we want you recommending us to every detectorist that you know, so again expect the same treatment long after you have your deus. If you need something please get in touch and ask, we will help where we are able.

Secondly, It is sad to have to say this but you can be assured that all the XP products that we stock are 100% genuine and purchased directly from the XP Factory in France.

We have 1 supplier of products and that is XPLORER themselves. Every product is backed by the Factory Warranty (5 Years Limited Parts and Labour) and as a customer you have access to our official repair channels and support.

100% Genuine products 100% of the time.

Thirdly, Our Aussie Detectorist range of products are all original designs and where possible sourced locally in Australia. This range of products is designed to be a bit of fun and allow the detectorist to express themselves and get a few conversation starters in the kitty.

We welcome feedback and ideas for this range and we do pay for designs.

In Conclusion as a company we are new to the metal detecting industry but we are, in no way, new to doing business and doing business with the public.

We have strong ideals and the success of our financial services business was, in no small part, due to the fact that we simply offered BETTER personalised service than our competition.

That tradition continues and as we begin our journey with XP detectors in Australia we hope we can help you get the best VALUE detector on the market and to get the most out of it.

Again thank you for your support and do not hesitate to get in touch if you need anything at all.

Justin Cleghorn
Clemartin Pty Ltd

 dtectorist.com.au for Xp deus in Australia