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Finding a target to dig is one part of the equation, recovering it in a manner that is easiest and with the least impact requires a specialist tool.

The main difference between a metal detecting and prospecting recovery tool and and a hardware shop one is QUALITY and STRENGTH. Most of our digging tools are handmade right here in Australia, they are strong, built for purpose and will last an lifetime

Lets start with Picks:
We choose to carry the CC pick range.

The CC Pick is sold in just about all prospecting and detecting shops, it is made by hand in Australia and have stood the test of time. many many prospectors know and use the CC pick and that's what you'll find at Aussie detectorist.

Check the range BELOW

Next we move on to the specialist tools used to recover targets in sensitive areas or that are small like hand diggers etc.

Picks are NOT suitable for most coin and relic hunting as the impact on the ground is just too much. In short they make too much mess to be used in a public area.

Se we use the Tyger Range of Digging tools.
The Cub
The Blade
The Snake
The Digger
The Groundhog

All well known names to anyone thats been detecting for a little while. The tyger diggers are hand made in Brisbane, are of exceptional QUALITY and STRENGTH and will last you a long long time.

Tyger Diggers are almost impossible to destroy and when used correctly allow you to recover targets with very little impact on the ground, a Must for park Hunting.

Forget the Hardware Store, See below for our full range of awesome quality digging and target recovery tools and equipment. Its all the gear I use on a daily basis and I can highly recommend each and every product.

Don't forget the Twin cups for Nugget recovery, Beats the 2 scoops and using your hands and is way way faster.

Enjoy your new Purpose built tool and always remember to fill in your holes, even at the beach or in the remotest Bush.

Happy Digging

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