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Yabby pump attachments.

Yabby pump attachments.

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These Yabby Pump attachments will dramatically increase your suction power so you can suck up more pay dirt.

Designed to fit 50mm yabbie pumps, this system has the male fitting attached to the pump so the 3 attachments are interchangeable. 

Step 1. Pump Protecta - Start with this one to clear out the bigger stuff. 

Step 2. Bedrock Crevice Sucka - Narrowed end to get in tighter where the gold hides.

Step 3. Sniper Attachment - Gravity trap ensures the fine stuff cannot get away. 16mm Metal tubing gets into the tightest crevices. 

Each attachment has a female connector to screw onto the pump connector. 

Each piece is available individually, purchase the 3 pack and save!

Male fitting is supplied with the Sniper Attachment.

Tips & Tricks

1. Check your yabby pumps suction gauge (The wingnut inside the bottom of the cylinder). Loosen to reduce your suction. Tighten to increase your suction. It will take some trial and error to get optimum suction in conjunction with the attachments. We recommend storing the pump with the wingnut loose to preserve the life of your washer.

2. Fix the Male Connector on to your yabby pump as you see fit.

3. Screw the desired attachment onto your yabby pump as far as it will go.

4. If your yabby pump is too tense to operate or too loose and not pulling up material, check steps 1 -3.

5. Enjoy sucking up more gold!

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