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Aussie Detectorist Detector Wear Brand Clothing is Here. Unique Designs on Quality apparel so you can show your love of the hobby and reflect your style of Metal Detecting.

We Now Carry a full range of Clothing and merchandise from Minelab, XP, NOKTA, Garrett and more. + Our designs below.

We have recently added the MAK prospecting range as well. Order Clothing designed for Detecting by a professional workwear company. Unique features and ventilation for prospectors.

There is also our print on Demand clothing site at 
Those designs are printed as your order, In Australia and there is about a 14 day delivery time. Always adding new designs.

We are working with some very talented artists and designers to bring you an exclusive range of Limited edition Shirts, Hats and a Lot more as we expand the range Of Aussie Detectorist Detector Wear.

The Shops are FULL of fishing shirts But lets face it, when your out in the Bush, sometimes 100's of kilometers from the coast a Marlin is just not gonna Cut it!

Unique designs that reflect our passion for Detecting and Prospecting and also reflect our strong Australian culture, unique scenery and animals.

Everyone Look's Cooler While Detecting in Aussie Detectorist Detector Wear.

Aussie Detectorist Detector Wear is designed for Aussie Detectorists.

TRY The New Range of Detector Wear From  MAK Prospecting.
Pants , Shorts and Shirts, designed with the Detectorist in mind.


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Aussie Detectorist Giftcards are perfect for the detectorist in your life. Because you'll never know what they already bought and have stashed in the shed.

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