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Adventure Series - Prospecting Shorts

Adventure Series - Prospecting Shorts

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Adventure Series - Prospecting Shorts 

Introducing the ultimate companion for your adventurous spirit - the Prospecting Adventure Shorts Series by MAK. Crafted with innovation and rugged durability in mind, these shorts are designed to be your reliable partner in every pursuit. Whether you're embarking on a challenging outdoor expedition or simply seeking comfort and functionality in your day-to-day activities, these pants have got you covered.

  • Fabric

    • Industrial Strength 4 Way Cotton Work Stretch
    • 270gsm


    • Double Button adjustable waist
    • Cargo Combo pocket
    • Phone Pocket
    • Comfortable Relaxed Fit pocket
    • Phone Pocket

Unyielding Fabric:
Constructed from industrial strength Cotton work stretch fabric with a sturdy 270gsm weight, our Prospecting Adventure Pants are built to withstand the demands of any adventure. This fabric blend ensures not only exceptional durability but also offers a comfortable stretch that moves with your body, granting you the freedom of movement you need to conquer any terrain.

Utility and Comfort Combined:
The utility pocket adds an extra dimension of convenience, allowing you to keep your tools or accessories within easy reach. The relaxed tapered fit strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort, ensuring you look and feel great no matter the occasion. 

Elevate your adventures with the Prospecting Adventure Pant Series by MAK. These pants embody ruggedness, innovation, and practicality, catering to the needs of modern explorers and adventurers. Whether you're scaling mountains, exploring forests, or tackling urban challenges, these shorts are designed to be the reliable companion you can always count on. Experience the freedom of movement, versatility, and durability that these shorts offer, and take your adventures to new heights.

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