Collection: Coils and skid plates

Its when the coil meets the soil that we see the action, so having the right one is paramount to success.

VLF or Pulse induction we have all the coils for all Minelab, Garrett, XP and Nokta.

Take a look at the range and if its not in stock we will get it in for you FAST.

coiltek coils

nugget finder

Discover treasures hidden beneath the surface with our collection of Metal Detecting Coils and skid plates. Whether you're a novice or seasoned treasure hunter, our high-quality metal detecting coils enhance your exploring experience by improving detection capabilities.

The right coil matters in metal detecting. With our selection, you obtain maximum depth and accuracy during your search. From small to large-sized coils, we have a variety that suits your detecting style and the terrain you're exploring.

Our skid plates, on the other hand, protect your coil from rough terrains, prolonging its lifespan. Never miss out on any potential find with durable, lightweight, and easy-to-install skid plates that complement our detection coils. Start your treasure hunting adventure with our Metal Detecting Coils and skid plates collection today!

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