Collection: Coils and skidplates

Its when the coil meets the soil that we see the action, so having the right one is paramount to success.

Horses for courses or whatever analogy suits best, the right coil for the right job is a big part of consistently finding gold in Australia.

The small coil for the trash patches and areas that are overgrown or very stick and leaf littered. These small coils allow you top manoeuvre better to get around obstacles.

The small coil also allows for excellent pinpointing accuracy and they can be a great way to cut your teeth on any new detector.

The BIG Coils, for covering ground and going for the bigger deeper stuff. but remember too you need to also set your detector for the coil you are using.

That comes with experience and knowledge. 

We carry the best from Coiltek, Nugget Finder and Minelab.

So when your ready to up your coil game, give us a call and we will try and help you select the right coil for the right soil.

VLF or Pulse induction we have all the coils for all Minelab, Garrett, XP and Nokta.

Take a look at the range and if its not in stock we will get it in for you FAST.

coiltek coils

nugget finder

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