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XP Deus Version 5 High frequency 22.5 cm (9 Inch) Round Coil. The white One!

XP Deus Version 5 High frequency 22.5 cm (9 Inch) Round Coil. The white One!

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XP Deus V5 22.5cm (9 Inch)High Frequency search coil.


YES There is a detector that can Kill it on coins and give you a more then respectable chance on the goldfields of Australia.

Introducing the XP Deus High Frequency round coil for Version 4 of the legendary coin shooter. Welcome to Light weight gold prospecting.

The Optional High frequency Search coil for XP Deus Version 4 is now available taking XP Deus into the territory of a serious cross-over machine.
Please note:You will need version 4 of the deus firmware Installed to make use of this coil. It will not function on V3.2

The WHITE HF Coil Runs at 3 (+ 7 Frequency shifts each) NEW Frequencies, Selectable via the Remote Control or WS4/WS5 in a button push.

  • 14 khz (Operates 13 Khz-15 Khz with Frequency Shift)
  • 30 khz (Operates 26 Khz-31 Khz with Frequency Shift)
  • 54 khz (Operates 68 Khz-81 Khz with Frequency Shift)

PLUS The XP Deus HF Round coil also has 7 higher and Lower sub Frequencies as well. Meaning you can shift slightly either way from the standard settings at anytime. Great if there are more than 1 Deus machines being used or to fine tune out EMI and other interference if present.

The Higher Frequencies take Deus to the next level as far as finding smaller items in mineralised ground. Think smaller and finer jewellery items and you'll be more than a good chance on the Goldfields.

The increase in sensitivity to lower conductors means that the XP deus is now able to be used on any gold field with confidence. Improvements in the software and the ability to instantly balance the Deus with a single button push make it very simple to set up and use.

Then in Just a few seconds, you can transform back to one of the best coin shooters on the market and pick out some beer money on the way home.

For the advanced users features like Notch ground balance and some major improvements to the ground reading capabilities as well as NON-MOTION modes really do make the XP Deus one of the higher quality VLF all-round detectors.
(It is already firmly established in the coin and relic community.)

From Silver Pre-Dec coins at the parks, WW2 relics from the bush and Gold Nuggets in the many gold producing areas we have access to, The XP Deus, especially with the HF Coil, has you covered.

Add the HF Coil to your existing Deus Kit in Just seconds, Just add the serial number to your remote. Its seriously easy to do.

Drop one in your cart today and I'll get it in the mail next business day.

 DOWNLOAD or VIEW the XP Deus Version 4 Brochure HERE

The HF Round coil has the NEW Higher capacity battery as standard kit. The Entire LOWER STEM and Battery kit is included with every HF coil.
Between 20 and 28 hours operating time Between charges depending on frequency and power settings.

Looking for the Pin Ponter?
You Can Now order the MI-6 Pin Pointer at the link below:

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