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Yeppoon Qld 2015, A Detectorist Had a dream.
That Dream came True and Aussie Detectorist has grown to be one of the Most Recommended Detector Stores by their Customers. (Something we are so proud of)

Industry Leading Service, Support and Advice, Competitive Pricing (YES we will price match the chain stores), You can Rely on Aussie Detectorist to get you into the right metal Detector for your Needs.

We Also have a huge range of Top Quality accessories to compliment your new machine as well.

BOLD CLAIM ALERT: Aussie detectorist is the most active Australian Metal detecting shop for holding outdoor events. Even if you don't buy from us, join us on Facebook and come along to our next adventure in the Aussie outdoors. You will be more than Welcome.

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Minelab GPX 6000 'All Gold All The Time'

Minelab GPX 6000 Gold Detector Bundle MinelabMinelab GPX 6000 Gold Detector Bundle Minelab

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  • Minelab Metal Detectors

    Performance is Everything

    Minelab Metal Detectors have dominated the Metal Detecting scene here in Australia for a Long Long Time. After all the company was started here.

    From The entry Level Go-find series to the TOP of the rage gold Detectors like the GPZ 7000 and the GPX 6000 we carry every single one of them in stock.

    Click here for Minelab Metal Detectors
    (Yes we will price match)
    0467 614 701

  • XP Deus and XP ORX Metal Detectors

    TRUE Lightweight, Wireless metal Detecting from XP Metal Detectors. Made in France with a 5 year warranty, XP have stamped their mark on the Australian Detecting scene.
    Coin, Relic, Beach and GOLD the XP machines have made stunning finds in Australia.
    At only 800 grams in weight and the ability to 'fold away to nothing' make XP detectors the travellers dream

    View the XP Metal Detector range HERE

  • Gold Rat Sluices with Dream Mat.

    We Carry the Full Gold Rat Range, Both Online and In-store at Newcastle.
    River Sluice, Power Sluice, High Banker, recirculating sluice, clean up sluice, we carry them all.
    Take a look at the Gold Rat Range of Slices Today.
    We Post Australia Wide.
    View the Gold Rat Sluice Range here

  • XP Gold Pans With 'SnakeSkin'

    The XP Pans are starting to Take over as the number one choice of Aussie Gold Panning. The ONE PAN does all is Unique to XP and with the 4 distinct panning zones you only need the one pan to go from raw material to clean Gold.
    See why more people are switching to XP Gold Pans
    XP Gold Pans and Gold Panning Kits

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XP Deus 2 Custom Package Builder

Build your own XP Deus Package deal from just $1399. It's time to Upgrade and see why Deus users are so Passionate about there machines.

Ready To Go Nerd Level?

Build Your CUSTOM Package deal here

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