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Minelab GPZ7000 Gold Metal Detector Bundle

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Minelab GPZ 7000 Gold Detector, The Top of the range Gold Detector from Minelab.

Let's assume

that you have done your research and come to the obvious conclusion that nothing is more powerful than the Minelab GPZ 7000 on gold. Good Job because your exactly on the right track.

So welcome to Aussie Detectorist. Firstly All our GPZ 7000's come with a printed and bound Manual. We have had some made so just ask for a copy when you purchase.

Ok Why Buy your 7000 from us here at Aussie Detectorist?

Hopefully we are your closest store geographically, But if not, that's no problem as we have secure freight to get the GPZ 7000 to anywhere in Australia Safely. So no drama's with shipping we will guarantee you get your machine. We are experienced at freighting these things so thats a great reason if you don't live locally.

Locally we do offer free home delivery so get in touch if you'd like that option.
(Beer in the fridge is a requirement for this service :)

But seriously, We would like to earn your business by providing the best Pre-sales Advice, Aftersales service, and opportunities to use your new machine on our outdoor adventures in the Mudgee/Windeyer/Hillend/Sofala/ areas. We offer the chance to join the crew and come away with us when you can and try your luck.

Sometimes you might even learn a thing or 2 or better yet teach someone else something New. 

Plus we are pretty nice people and will take the time to actually tell you the difference between machines and make sure your doing things like:

  • Setting your Harness correctly to minimise fatigue
  • Using the Correct coil
  • Swinging the detector correctly
  • Looking after your machine with some basic maintenance tips.
  • And most importantly, Making sure you're 100% Choosing the RIGHT Metal Detector for YOU.
    DO NOT BUY the wrong one, it happens a lot more than you think! Get some advice first.

So Give us a call on 0467 614 701 or use the chat button below right and let's get you up and running on what is the Pinnacle of Gold finding metal Detectors, Not only in Australia but across the world.

VERY Important to call us if your considering a GPX 6000 or GPZ 7000 detector. There are a lot of differences including what Muscle groups and body movements you use to swing the machines. This one tiny factor has made the decision for many of our customers as lets face it the body ain't what it used to be sometimes.

We look forward to having a chat or if your keen you can just order it and we will be in touch with dispatch, tracking and delivery details.

Take Care and happy hunting

The Aussie Detectorist Team

The GPZ 7000 Box has everything you need to get started, Just add a Pick and make sure its a decent sized one.

What's in The GPZ7000 Package from Aussie Detectorist?

  • GPZ 7000 ZVT Gold Detector
  • Your Getting Started Guide
  • Your Warranty Card
  • The BC 10 Battery Charger
  • A Universal Plug Pack
  • The Car Charger
  • A Battery Terminal Connection Cable
  • A Set of KOSS Headphones
  • 1 x WM 12 Wireless Audio Module
  • A USB Mini-B Data and Charging Cable
  • A USB-B Data Cable (For running Updates)
  • The awesome PRO-SWING 45 Detecting Harness
  • with Additional J-strut
  • and Harness Crosspiece
  • + The Guide Arm so you can detect for longer periods.

    OPTIONAL add a 19inch coil for Just $1,000 ($10,499 Total)