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Minelab GPZ7000 Gold Metal Detector Bundle

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Minelab GPZ 7000 Gold Detector, The Top of the range Gold Detector from Minelab.

Nothing has ore potential than the GPZ 7000 to uncover gold in The Australian Gold fields.
The GPZ 7000 has more pwer, sensitivity and depth than any other machine on the market, meanng evertime you swing the ZED you put yourself in the best position to find more gold.

The GPZ 7000 Box has everything you need to get started, Just add a Pick and make sure its a decent sized one.

What's in The GPZ7000 Package from Aussie Detectorist?

  • GPZ 7000 ZVT Gold Detector
  • Your Getting Started Guide
  • Your Warranty Card
  • The BC 10 Battery Charger
  • A Universal Plug Pack
  • The Car Charger
  • A Battery Terminal Connection Cable
  • A Set of KOSS Headphones
  • 1 x WM 12 Wireless Audio Module
  • A USB Mini-B Data and Charging Cable
  • A USB-B Data Cable (For running Updates)
  • The awesome PRO-SWING 45 Detecting Harness
  • with Additional J-strut
  • and Harness Crosspiece
  • + The Guide Arm so you can detect for longer periods.

    OPTIONAL add a 19inch coil for Just $1,000 ($10,499 Total)