2024 Best Gold Metal Detector in Australia Under $1000

Ready to dip your toe into the world of gold prospecting and head out to the goldfields and try your luck?

You have probably noticed a massive difference in the pricing of Gold detectors and you may be a tiny bit confused as to why some are 10 grand and others are just a few hundred dollars.

We have articles on that subject, its a pulse induction versus VLF/Multi frequency thing in short. But Let's keep this simple.

Today I would like to introduce you to the XP ORX Gold Detector, we believe this is the best Value Gold detector on the market in 2024 and offers features and settings usually in the $1500+ Range.

XP Orx Gold Metal Detector

Gold Metal Detectors tend to run on a slightly higher frequency than the average VLF machine. Higher frequency can detect smaller targets and as gold is most times very small, the higher the frequency the higher the sensitivity.

Most VLF Gold Metal Detectors have a fixed single frequency somewhere around 18Khz and as high as 40Khz for the more modern ones.

The XP ORX has 27 Frequencies from 13Khz to 81Khz. Making it not only the most sensitive, but the most adjustable as well.

WHY such a wide Frequency range? Because sometimes the ground where gold hides is VERY Mineralised and lowering your frequency is a great way to deal with this while still maintaining a higher level of sensitivity to small targets.

XP ORX Has 2 Gold programs built in and ready to go. Gold and FINE Gold, pretty self explanatory really.

As a BONUS the XP ORX also has 2 Coin and relic programs so its just as happy in the park or down the beach in between gold trips picking up coins.

The TID (Target Identification) Numbers are accurate and allow you to discriminate with almost perfect accuracy. AVOID THE RUSTY STUFF.

NO Other Metal Detector in this Price range offers the Features, Capabilities, ease of use and LONG warranty like the XP ORX.

It is also VERY small, and I mean small. It folds up into back pack and it is completely wireless, again a feature no other machine offers.


USB Recharge to keep you on the go, you simply use the same method as you use to charge your phone. Too easy.

The 9x5 Inch coil is perfect for finding tiny targets and has surprising depth. Also being a little smaller it means the WHOLE Metal Detector weighs less than 850 Grams!

If your looking for a metal detector to travel with you and that will be more than capable of finding gold as well as coins and relics then this is for you.

The XP ORX takes up no room in the caravan or camper, it will always be there when you get the urge to dig a hole a see what you can find. But Never be In the way.

XP Orx Gold detector

Grab your XP ORX Today and start your adventure in prospecting and metal detecting.



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