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Sofala Gold Rocker Box with 3 gold traps, Go Old school

Sofala Gold Rocker Box with 3 gold traps, Go Old school

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The California Cradle or the Rocker box changed the way the old school alluvial miners captured their gold.

It meant more material processed with a lot less effort and back braking labour of the humble gold pan.

Like many of the small processing devices the rocker box is designed to allow you to process a lot of dirt, much faster than just panning alone.

Is it legal To use in NSW and Queensland with no power laws?

YES as long as you are using a bucket or a manual foot pump to add the water to the unit. It is 100% Legal to use under current legislation.

The Sofala Gold rocker box comes apart in seconds with no bolts to undo for storage and transport. To clean up the rocker box it is just 2 wingnuts to have all 3 capture devices ready for the Gold pan.

The Sofala gold rocker box has been designed and Made right here in Australia by the legend that is Phil from Sofala.

Process more dirt, win more gold and just enjoy yourself knowing that 130 years ago the creeks and rivers of Australia where lined with rocker boxes just like this pone. Well without the sturdy aluminium and welding anyway.

Grab your Sofala Gold rocker box Today.

Sofala Gold rocker box

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