Collection: XP Metal Detector Kits Deus 1, Deus II and ORX

XP Deus II, Deus and XP ORX, The most versatile and lightweight Metal Detectors on the market today.

Gold Metal Detectors,
The XP ORX and the XP Deus have proven themselves in Australian conditions again and again. The XP Deus 2 takes it to the next level by being 20 Meters waterproof. It works as well on Land as it does at depth. Simply there is no more versatile machine on the market today.

Whether its chasing Gold nuggets with a High Frequency coil, Or looking for deep Buried coins and Relics the XP Deus and ORX are providing their users with exceptional finds.

The XP ORX is a simple to use 4 Program machine that allows you to take advantage of the Lightweight (880 grams) and has all the base features you expect from a quality metal Detector.

The ORX is very Effective on Gold, even in some very harsh Australian Conditions. Many users are pulling Gold from the ground and a quick search of Google will show you some of the results.

Unlike many VLF Gold detectors, The ORX can be turned into a coin and relic machine by simply changing the program to Coin deep or Coin Fast. These 2 programs give you a 3 tone coin and relic machine with extremely accurate TDI numbers and all the Recovery SPEED you'll need to hunt trashiest Parks and fields.

The XP Deus II takes your Detecting to the NEXT level!


The XP Deus II Fast Multi Frequency Metal detector has again set the bar for the rest to jump over.

a Machine that is as powerful as the best on the market and can be used, with full tones and functionality, anywhere from the desert to 20M Underwater with full confidence.

All this packed into the worlds smallest housing, so its UNDER 1 Kilo in weight!

Deus II also comes in the WS6 version, a metal detector that literally fits in the palm of your hand. A FULL Deus 2 just made as small as possible for those that don't need the full waterproof features of the RC unit.


Proudly supported by Aussie Detectorist.


Clegy, Andrew and Rod.

P.S we have many hours on these machines and can give some pretty solid advice on their use and functionality. In Fact Andrew is probably one of the best XP Detectorists in Australia. Well Not probably. Call today for solid advice on these amazing machines.


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