Collection: Metal Detecting Headphones and Audio

Metal Detecting is basically about sounds. Hearing the faintest reactions from your metal Detector can be the difference between the find of a lifetime and another handful of trash.

Right from the start lets get this fact straight. 

EVERYONE Has Different Audio Requirements, whether its hearing deficiency, comfort levels or you just want the best you can get, we try and cover all the options.

What products are in this section?

Products designed to either replace or enhance your current audio setup.

Headphones from Manufacturers loke Minelab, Gray Ghost, Steel Phase and more.

Boosters From Lucky Knuckle and steel phase.

Wireless units from Various manufacturers.

We Literally have one of the widest ranges of metal detecting audio products around. If we don't have it we probably know where to get it.

Lastly we advise you all to really take note of the speed of your wireless set ups before you buy them. LAG is a real thing and cheaping out on audio can mean your digging 6 inched=s away from your target.

PLEASE Only buy equipment that has been tested and proven to work in the field on your machine. Don't get caught out, it happens A LOT.

Clegy, Andrew and Rod.

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