Collection: NOKTA Metal Detectors.

NOKTA Metal Detectors have been quietly innovating for sometime now and with the current lineup the noise has started.

In the last few years Nokta have really burst into the scene from a seemingly small presence in Europe and the USA. That all ended with teh introduction of the incredibly budget friendly SIMPLEX Range and expanded through the to the legend and beyond.

Nokta are Innovating hard and their philosophy of making powerful detecting technology affordable is really striking a cord with detectorists world wide.

 Very robust housings, simple menus with graphic displays and machines that have a very hardcore user group who are more than willing to help you on the way.

The Kids Models like the MINI and MIDI Hoard have proven to be Xmas and birthday friendly and get kids into a hobby that gets them Outside.

So when your looking for your Next pr your first metal Detector, Nokta are well worth a look and we have the range instore and online + the support to get you Started.

If you need any help with the Nokta range of machines, please feel free tonokta metal Detectors

call, email or come into the store.

Clegy, Andrew and Rod.

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