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Minelab GPX 6000 Gold Detector Bundle with Unlimited Training

Minelab GPX 6000 Gold Detector Bundle with Unlimited Training

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Minelab GPX 6000 Gold Detector Bundle

Let's Face it Our GPX 6000 Gold detector Bundle is pretty much the same as everyone else's, Except for 1 BIG Difference.
At Aussie Detectorist we Offer UNLIMITED FREE TRAINING on your new Gold Machine, need 3 sessions, then come to 3, need 10 sessions? Probably time to take up fishing. LOL

In all seriousness, we will train you at our organised courses for as long as it takes to get you comfortable with your machine, there is a fair chance we might even put you on a nugget or 2 as well.

No TEST Nugget we will help you find your own one.

Minelab has quite simply dominated the dedicated gold detector market for a long time right across the world. Innovative, powerful machines that are finding smaller and deeper targets.

 The Fact you have landed on this page suggests your looking for one of the best Quality gold finding machines money can buy. You probably already know most of the facts so lets not get bogged down in specifications.

Convinced the Minelab GPX 6000 is your next machine?

Well If this is your next machine, Why choose Aussie Detectorist?

We are Detectorists and have a lot of experience in the field using the gear you'll find on the shelf in the shop.

We all pride ourselves on making sure you get the right machine for what your wanting to achieve and we make sure you get that machine very quickly. Distance is not an issue, we send a lot of gear all over Australia and in 8 years have never lost a package.

You'll also Find that with our high end machines you get few little extra's.

Just let us Know what your needing, no use giving you a Pick if you have one hey. LOL 

In the future if you need assistance with your machine then we are ready to help. With regular Outdoor activities, you can join in on, to get some assistance with your gear.

That brings us to the last point about Aussie Detectorist, We like to see you again after the sale, so you'll get invites and access to all out free Events and training days etc. A lot of new friendships have been formed and detecting trips organised off the back of a chance meeting at the weekends away. So you'll be part of our community and you can drop by the store and demand coffee on most days. LOL

We would love to help with your New Minelab GPX6000 so please don't hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call.
We Have sent the 6000 to all corners of Australia (W.A No Problem) Yep we even got them to Weipa on the Boat. You can be assured of fast and secure shipping.

Let us tailor a custom GPX 6000 bundle to suit your needs.

0467 614 701 During Business Hours and Until 2 pm Saturday. Or Hit us on the contact us Page

So where does the GPX 6000 fit into the range of Minelab metal detectors?

Well it fits right between the top of the range GPZ 7000 and the Current GPX 5000.

Minelab GPX 6000

You can see the Tagline on the picture above, All Gold, All soils, All the time!

This is what stands the GPX 6000 out from the current crop in that the machine will work out its optimum settings for you. No need to try and decide the right timing and right combination of settings, the GPX 6000 works most of that out for you.

With the launch of the GPX 6000 we will see very powerful technology but without all the switches, settings and complications of some of the other machines in the range.

Are you ready to let the machine do the thinking, for switch on and go gold detecting?

Then the GPX 6000 is probably your next gold detector.

Give us a Call 0467 614 701

Our Current Bundle Deal Includes:

  • GPX 6000 GeoSense PI Metal Detector
  • A Spare Battery for those big days out.
  • A second lower shaft for the DD Coil.
  • A spare set of Skid Plates to encourage you to go low!
  • A Cover set to protect your investment
  • A hard copy printed manual to help you in the field.

That's a lot of extra value!!

If you require anything further just get in touch and we can chuck it on the pile for Ya.

Thanks for Visiting and thanks for being an Aussie Detectorist.

Another Aussie Detectorist


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