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XP Deus II 22cm (9inch coil).

XP Deus II 22cm (9inch coil).

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  • 9 Inch Fast Multi Frequency Search Coil to suit Deus II. 

    The best coil for trashy areas with excellent separation.

    Parameters and Characteristics

      Coil shape Round
      Coil type DD (Double D)
      Connection Wireless
      Operating frequency 4-45 kHz
      Size in inches Nine
      Size, in centimeters 22
      Weight 345 grams
      Waterproof The coil is completely sealed. Allows submersion under water.
      Coil color Black
      Coil for metal detector
    • XP Dues 2
    • XP FMF Series

      Includes bottom shaft, coil bolts and coil cover.


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