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T-Handle Shovel Holster suits Tyger diggers

T-Handle Shovel Holster suits Tyger diggers

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Finally a solution to belt mount your Tyger T-handle digger and free up your other hand for waving mostly.....

In all seriousness the Tyger digger is an amazing digging shovel for detectorists. The Snake and the full size "Digger" have t handles and until now there has not been an effective way to carry them on your belt.

The Shovel Holster from Gold digger Innovations is the way to go. Easy to stow the digger and very quick to retrieve as well.

It is made from hardened plastic and fits the T-handle Tyger diggers like a glove.

Also suitable for any T-Handle digger like the Lesche or predator tools.

Fits right on your belt and has very low weight so you will not even notice its there.... Until you hang your digger from it.

A great bit of kit exclusive to Aussie Detectorist

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