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CC Picks - EZY Dig Range

CC Picks - EZY Dig Range

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EZY Dig Picks from CC Picks - Strength, Quality and Lighter in weight.

Every CC pick is handmade in Australia and cut straight from 5mm 600 Bisalloy steel. That's the stuff they use on excavators and mining equipment. They're built to move dirt!

There's 4 sizes to choose from. From The MINI all steel model right up to the 900mm long full size large model, these picks are built for your hunting style.

EZY Dig 001 - The Large
Serious hole digging weapon! 900mm handle and full size head means you can move a lot of material fast and dig the deepest of targets.

EZY Dig 002 - The Medium
The 750mm Wooden handle gives you just a bit more to swing at the ground and is great if your a little taller.

EZY Dig 003 - The Small
Has a perfect 600mm wooden handle and is a great all around pick

EZY Dig 004 - The Mini All Steel
The wedge shaped head is 245 mm long and 65 mm wide, while the pick total length is 415 mm. Great for shallow work with your VLF or SDC2300.

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