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Quality and affordable GEOLOGIST PICK for prospecting fossicking

Quality and affordable GEOLOGIST PICK for prospecting fossicking

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The one bit of kit that most prospectors and fossickers need but never have. A GEOLOGIST PICK!

Well now you can put one in the kit and at a price that makes it a no brainer. One good hit and it could pay for itself mant many times over.

If you have prospected for gold for any amount of time you would have detected a rock that made your machine go off.

 Is there gold inside?

The ONLY way to find out is to break it open, but you don't want to crush it in the field. You may loose gold. So using your normal pick like a stamper is not ideal.

A simple tap with your geoligists pick However and you can see what is inside and if it's a keeper or just another highly minerlised rock.

It beats carrying it around all day, or worse chucking it away never knowing.

This well price geo pick is not too heavy so it will sit on your belt no worries without pulling the trousers down.
Its not too long either at 32cm About a foot, so it won't tap your leg all day.

Seriously how many times did you need one of these and not have one?

Well at this price order today and you'll be bashing rocks in half next weekend.

There is always one under the drivers seat of my car and to be honest it has been usedfor a lot more than just bashing rocks. 

It is great for other duties like:

  • Knocking in tent or swag pegs.
  • Then leavering them back out again
  • Scratching hard to reach places on your person
  • Meat tenderisation, with some caution.
  • General waiving around to make a point
  • Light Construction in Camp
  • Destruction in camp when needed.
  • Camp oven mover
  • Can Opener when you forget it.
  • and many many more, just use your imagination.

I've used my Geo pick for all of the above at times and of course it has even found me a few bits of gold hidden in Quartz and one hot rock that actually converted for once.

Grab yours today, its a handy beast.


  • Rubber handle with tread so it doesn't slip.
  • Steel shaft
  • Steel head
  • Length 32cm
  • Designed to break rocks but can do many other things.


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Quality and affordable GEOLOGIST PICK for prospecting fossicking11541
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