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Doug Stone Gold and Relic Maps

Doug Stone Gold and Relic Maps

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The Gold and Relic Sites Map Series by Doug Stone has been a hit with detectorists since its first release.

Each map contains excellent detail clearly identifying the location of critical features of interest to the prospector, such as reefs, alluvial leads, relics of past mining activity and locations of recent nugget finds by the author.

Many access tracks to the old gold diggings are also shown making these maps a valuable asset that will be used again and again.

Adding to the value of these maps are the historical notes included with every map which include the discovery and working of gold within the map region with particular reference to nuggets found in the locality.

Gold & Relic Sites Hill End NSW Doug Stone | map of the goldfieldsBuy Sofala-Wattle Flat Goldfield Gold Relic Map by Doug Stone – The Chart &  Map Shop

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