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Dirt Muncher fluid bed sluice

Dirt Muncher fluid bed sluice

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Dirt Muncher fluid bed sluice.

A fluid bed sluice is a modern gold mining tool used to extract gold from streams and rivers. It is a unique and effective technology that improves the efficiency and speed of gold panning.

The design of a fluid bed sluice is simple but effective. It consists of a box with a series of riffles or ridges on the bottom that create eddies and turbulence in the flowing water. One of the benefits of a fluid bed sluice is that it is easy to use and requires minimal setup and no need to classify your material.

 Unlike traditional gold panning methods, where a large amount of sediment needs to be sifted through by hand, a fluid bed sluice can process a larger volume of material with ease. This means that prospectors can cover more ground in less time, increasing their chances of finding gold.

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