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LionOx Distribution (XPAU)

XP Premium Gold Panning Kit

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XP Premium Gold Panning kit, the best Value gold panning kit available today. And there is One HUGE Difference to every other gold pan ever made.

As Seen on Vo-Gus prospecting YouTube.

Traditionally a panning Kit came with up to 3 pans of varying widths, each getting smaller and adding more riffles. The Idea was to start in the largest pan and work your way down the sizes. Eventually doing the final clean up in the smallest Gold pan.

XP in France said "Nan trop dur mon pote" or "Nah, Too Hard Mate" and developed the ONLY Gold Pan that has 4 distinct panning Zones, Including the Brand NEW 'Snakeskin' profile that has literally changed the way you clean up your gold.

 XP Gold pans 4 panning zones

  1. Large Riffles for the Initial Clean.
  2. Small riffles to remove finer material.
  3. 'SnakeSkin' for Perfect black sand separation.
  4. Smooth for the final Clean.

This means you can do the WHOLE Gold panning process from Raw material through to clean gold in 1 Pan!

BUT It doesn't end there!

XP Also took a quick peek at the traditional Classifier, the thing that separates the really big rocks before you pan.

They then came up with the "Diamond" Shape 10mm and 5mm Classifier that just does not Clog Up.... EVER! It simply Won't hold rocks in the holes, so it always stays clear for MAX efficiency in the field.

Combine the NO-Clog Classifiers with the 4 Zone gold pan and you have a Kit that is Unique in the gold panning scene.

It's easy to see why so many people are switching from their current pans the XP Panning Kits.

Grab yours Today.


Included in your XP Premium Gold panning kit:

  • 15 Inch Gold Pan
  • 10 Inch Gold Pan
  • 15 Inch Classifier 10mm
  • 15 Inch Classifier 5mm
  • XP Gold panning accessory Kit.
    (Snuffer, Pipette, Vials)
  • XP Gold Panning Manual
  • The feeling of Knowing you have the best Gold Pan available.