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AlgoForce E1500 Pulse Induction Detector.

AlgoForce E1500 Pulse Induction Detector.

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AlgoForce E1500 Pulse Induction Gold Detector

Uncover Gold with Ultra-Fine Pulse Induction Technology: VLF Sensitivity, PI Power, Affordable Excellence!

Designed & Assembled in Australia by ALGOFORCE PTY LTD

The AlgoForce E1500 is a pulse induction metal detector that excels at locating very small gold nuggets in often complex mineralised soils found in most goldfields. Developed by AlgoForce Pty Ltd, it harnesses patented Ultra-Fine pulse induction technology, which is capable of detecting even the tiniest of gold nuggets. This sensitivity matches that of VLF gold detectors in low mineral soils, but being a PI detector, it has a bigger advantage in highly mineralised terrains. 


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Product features

Watch the Video

For an in-depth look at the AlgoForce E1500's control panel, features, and settings, you can watch the following YouTube video created by Phase Technical:

Main Features

  • Patented Ultra-Fine pulse induction technology for detecting small gold nuggets
  • 3-piece Carbon Fibre stem for compact pack down
  • Powered by any portable USB power bank (not included) 
  • Patented technology for ambient sound awareness in headphone mode
  • Wide sensitivity range
  • Stable conductive target ID (0-99) in pinpoint mode even in highly mineralised soils
  • Dual ground balanced detection channels for different sized nuggets
  • Four detection modes - Ultra-Fine, Fine, Normal, Large (Salt)
  • Lightweight (840g without coil or powerbank)
  • Compatible with all 5-pin SD/GP/GPX series compatible mono coils*
  • Coil optimisation function, with five coil save slots 
  • Auto or Manual Frequency Scan (Noise Cancel)
  • Auto Ground Balance reset
  • Real time scrolling signal display
  • Independant threshold, tone and volume levels
  • Adjustable Backlight

Recommended Coils

The Algoforce E1500 Works very well with the latest Nugget Finder Evolution coils.
Other recommended coils include:

  • Minelab 8" Commander Mono,
  • Coiltek 9" or 11" Elite
  • Detech 8" Mono,
  • Older Nugget Finder advantage 12x7" Mono etc.

NOTE *Not compatible with DD coils.

A Great way to make your old GP coils useful again.

Recommended Battery Packs

Choosing the right power bank for your Algoforce E1500.

A normal power bank with a minimum 1.5A output current (i.e., 7.5W output power) is more than sufficient to power the detector.

The mAh of the power bank determines how long the detector will run. The runtime would be the power bank's mAh divided by 700. For example, a 10,000mAh power bank ideally would provide about 14 hours of runtime (10,000/700 = 14).

2 Scools of thought here for battery packs:

  1. Grab a sinsle large capacity example: 20,000 Mah and get well over 20 hours a charge. Thats a weekend in any ones book.
  2. Grab 2 smaller Packs in the 6-10,000 Mah range and have a spare on hand at all times.

Remember the battery pack is on your arm, so smaller means less weight to swing.

NOTE: USB-C Connection cable required to fit to Algoforce E1500.

What's in The Box

1. AlgoForce E1500 Control Box & Handle

2. Carbon Fibre Shaft (3 Piece) with Stand.

3. Canvas Carry Bag

4. Armrest with Thumb Screws

5. 2 x Arm Straps (1 Standard, 1 Long)

6. Coil Cable Straps

7. Powerbank Straps x 2

8. USB-C to USB-A Cable 

9. Quick Start Guide

AlgoForce E1500 Pulse Induction Detector Aussie Detectorist

Algoforce E1500 Control panel

The Algoforce E1500 control panel is designed to be easily used with one hand.
Changes can be made quickly using your thumb and there is no need to put the detector down to fine tune settings.

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AlgoForce E1500 Pulse Induction Detector Aussie Detectorist

Algoforce E1500 VLF Sensitivity in Harshest Australian soils.

VLF is Highly sensitive to small objects like gold nuggets, but it struggles in the mineralisation that many gold bearing soils contain.

PULSE Induction handles this environment extremely well and the Algoforce E1500 adds TID Numbers to combine VLF and Pulse induction features in one lightweight metal Detector.

Algoforce E1500 Pulse induction metal Detector

Pair with your Favorite 5 Pin GP Coils

ANY 5 Pin coil will suit the Algoforce E1500.

We Recommend a smallish coil to take advantage of the Metal Detectors extreme sensitivity. Something upto about 12 Inch.

The Beauty is that you have the choice of many coils from Nugget finder, Coiltek and detech to choose from.

And second hand you can pick extra coils up for a six pack.

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