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Combo Dream Mat

Combo Dream Mat

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Combo Dream Mat

 A favorite for high banking fine gold & con reducing. Gold just gives up when facing the unsurpassable combo mat. Throw this in your sluice box and count on our unique 3 stage recovery system to lock on to your gold.

This mat was on the PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THIS list for over a year! 

  • Micro Mat = Insane fine gold recovery you can see; lets you know when you're on the gold without the migration other ribbed mats have.
  • Cape-D (New High Low Version) fine gold recovery for heavy black sands!
  • Mini Mat has that front row gold reputation, sluice w/ confidence fine gold & nuggets are on lockdown!
  • 6" wide X  approx. 16" long ~ (Suits 6 Inch Bushwalker)
  • 8" wide  X approx. 36" long ~ (Suits 8inch Barebones/Highbanker)
  • 10" wide X approx. 36" long ~ (Suits 10inch Barebones/Highbanker)
  • 12" wide X approx. 36" long ~ (Suits 12inch Barebones/Highbanker)
  • Mat only-clamp sold separately.

The 6 inch versions have some colour variations please let us know a preference of blue, green or purple. Clamps to suit can be found listed under "low profile"

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