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Gold Rat

Gold Rat 6 Inch Mini Clean Up Sluice with Dream mat

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Gold Rat 6 Inch Mini Clean Up Sluice with Dream Mat + Optional Highbanker Attachment or Extension

The Little Sluice that Can grow into a Highbanker, The 6 Inch Mini Clean Up sluice is a perfect solution for small scale gold production. High bank all day long and then use the same system to clean up your concentrates at home.

 Build this package to suit your needs.

 Start with The 6 Inch Clean Up sluice. This is your BASE Unit and then you can build from there:

  • 6 inch re-circulation sluice system. (Your sluice Run)
  • Fully adjustable leg kit
  • Sullage hose including spraybar
  • 1100 GPH bilge pump (bare wire ends)
  • Mini Cell Dream mat

From there you can, use the drop down menu, to add the highbanker attachment and/or the 6" extension. 

Highbanker Attachment comes with bolts, brackets and additional spray bar. Its ready to attach straight to the top of your 6 inch clean up sluice and make it "Shovel Ready". Adding the Highbanker means LESS classifying of the material. in Most cases you'll be able to shovel material straight from the source into the highbanker.

If you need a set up ready to go, have a look at the HIGHBANKER IN A BOX. Everything you need in one box. 

6" sluice extention comes with Mini cell Dream Mat and bolt kit. This DOUBLES the length of your run on the 6 Inch clean up sluice.
This means less clean ups through the day and you can increase your water flow to process more material.
Also Brilliant to be able to drop tailings a greater distance from the sluice, so less time clearing away tailings.

This sluice is ideal for carting long distances in the bush or running buckets at home without the need for a lot of power. The 1100 GPH Gold Rat Bilge pump only draws 3 amps per hour and is covered by a 2 year warranty.