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Gold Rat "Bare-bones" River Sluice with Dream Mat

Gold Rat "Bare-bones" River Sluice with Dream Mat

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The Gold Rat Bare-Bones River sluice is perfect if you have access to naturally flowing water, NO Pump Required! Available in 8 ,10 and 12 Inch with dream mat standard.

The Bare-bones Sluice is 1200mm Long and designed to be quite light for its size. 

It is Bare Bones so comes with the dream mat and the clamp to hold the mat in place while you wash your dirt and separate the gold.

 With a sizeable flat plate, especially on the 12 inch version, you can process quite a lot of material. (Dependent on water flow)

                                                                            Left to right - 8, 10 and 12 inch 


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