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OziGold Steel Batea Pans

OziGold Steel Batea Pans

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Traditional Steel Batea Pans

Australian made out of spun steel by an Aussie Prospector!

The "Batea" is rumoured to be created the the ancient Mayan Indian civilization. The early ones were carved from wood and were used to pan gold, diamonds, emeralds, rubies and gemstones. Anything heavier than common sand and gravel could be panned with a Batea. It is believed the Egyptians and Chinese adapted a simular style of pan for their own use based from Mayan design.

Fast forward to the 21st century and Batea pans have been proven to process a lot of material FAST!

Now you can have a choice of 3 steel Batea pans. Choose yours from the drop down.

  • Original Batea - This is the largest pan measuring 41cms (16inches) across and 13cms (5inches) deep.
  • Flointy Batea - A shallower pan measuring 40cms across and under 10cms (4inches) deep.
  • Mini Flointy - A great pan for sampling or for the kids to join in, 30cms (1 foot) across, under 8cms deep.

Each pan comes with a flyer with online links (QR Codes) on how to season and use your steel Batea.

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