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Minelab Equinox 800 Mega Package Deal

Regular price $1,379.00 AUD
Regular price $1,747.95 AUD Sale price $1,379.00 AUD
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Minelab Equinox 800 Mega package deal with everything you need to start metal detecting Including the pinpointer, Digging tool and a TOP quality finds bag.

Heres what your getting in this mega Package deal!

The Minelab equinox 800 is Australias most popular metal detector by a Long way.

Multi IQ technology combined with a fast recovery speed means that the equinox 800 is well suited to entry level and more experienced detectorists on Land at the beach and in the gold fields.
Value: $1399 RRP

The XP Metal detectors Mi4 Pinpointer has developed a reputation for reliability and stability. Being rechargeable and 6 meters waterproof only ads to the features of this top quality machine.
Value: $229 RRP

The Tyger Cub is possibly Australia's strongest hand digging tool. Made in Australia by hand each tyger cub is made to the highest standard. in 6 Years I have never seen one damaged in any way. They are strong.
Value $55: RRP

The Ultimate Catch all finds bag is quite literally the ultimate in metald etecting finds bags. Loads of pockets, zippers for the cool stuff and  mesh base make it perfect for all types of detecting.
Value $64.95

TOTAL Vaue = $1747.95

Yours today as a Package deal for the Low price Above.