XP Deus Online Store Open, Stock Due 15th December 2015 PRE-Order Available

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G'day Detectorists,

Justin (Clegy) here with an update about the progress of making XP Deus and XP Deus accessories available in Australia on a Full-Time basis.

Firstly the STOCK Status.

What I like about XP Detectors in France is that they produce on Demand. What I mean is they only produce the units that their customers order. They don't make thousands of units and warehouse them awaiting customers.

This means when I buy XP Deus units for my Customers I can assure them they are in the latest configuration with the latest Firmware.

Our Initial Stock has been ordered and is Due to arrive in the early part of December 2015. We have made the official date the 15th December to allow for any small delays that may pop up.

For PRE-Orders, Your units and accessories will be sent immediately on receipt of the shipment. The remaining stock will be loaded into the store and the Buttons will change from pre-order to the standard add to cart button.

So the 15th December is the day and we are looking forward to it very much. Please Note if things go well and we see the stock earlier we will send it.

Secondly PRICING:

I have held extensive talks with XP regarding pricing the Deus units in Australia. Due to the erratic nature of supply, up until now, pricing has largely been set by individuals with no regard to the XP Pricing structure.

We have adjusted XP Deus pricing to be inline with the pricing in Europe and the United States as per XP's policy. 

There are a lot of factors involved in this, currency exchange rates being one the main influences in Australian Retail pricing.

One comment "Your overcharging for Deus" is in Fact in correct. The facts are that in australia the Deus has been de-valued and sold for well under the Recommended Retail Price. The main reason is that NO SERVICE was offered.

Thirdly SERVICE:

Please see the service page for more details this page will be updated as our capabilities increase locally.

SERVICE is the One way that I can make myself stand out in the crowd of people marketing Metal Detectors.

The Nice thing for our company is that we can claim to have one of the best Metal Detectors on the Market and we are setting up a service system that will be one of the best as well.

Again read the Warranty/service page and that explains in a little more detail.

Rest assured that the Service you receive from us will be second to none. I have prided myself on my service skills my whole career and I don't plan on changing soon.

Lastly What's coming in 2016?

It will be an exciting year for XP and Deus in Australia Plus a little surprise in 2016 as well. 

We will be going out and about on a Road trip in early 2016 and meeting some deus users for some treasure hunting and video production and to introduce the TEAM to Australia and the detecting community.

Dealer networks will be negotiated, so hopefully you'll have a local agent soon to buy Deus accessories and the Complete Deus Range.

We will expand to the FULL Range of Deus in 2016 and all 5 Models will be available from early 2016.

That includes the full range of accessories as well, so sit tight if you need something it will be here soon.

Visit the store and pre-Order anything you like, Check out the $999 deposit deal on the XP DEUS WS4 RC Model. It allows you to place a deposit and pay the balance via C.O.D on delivery. This is the ONLY time we will do this as we are New to the market. It is a way of lessening the stress when dealing with a new business.

We hope this intro deal is a success and if you have any questions my direct phone number is on the product page, call me, its an Australian Mobile and I am up in Queensland. Yeppoon to be exact.

Thank you to those that have expressed support and well wishes, it is really appreciated and I can assure you no-one is more nervous about this than me.

Yes we are NEW to the scene, but in Time you will hear a lot about XP Deus in Australia. 


Cheers All and Welcome to Detectorist.com.au

Justin Cleghorn

P.S the first Round of Stubby coolers are LIVE, they came out awesome and are guaranteed to keep your drink cooler than if you didn't have one. At $12 they are a steal.


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  • I would like to thank justin(kleggy) for dropping of the underwater kit for the deus he not only explained it in detail but believes in the product he is selling.In the short time that he was in the area we went and did some detecting at the local park and he explained so much more about the machine that i didnt realize he didnt have to do any of this and i beleive that him being the xp deus contact in australia he will be very succesfull not only selling the deus but showing detectorist how good this machine is.
    ps cant wait for the new coils and software to come…..

    craig on

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