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XStream Hybrid Pro Hand dredge system for gold.

XStream Hybrid Pro Hand dredge system for gold.

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 X-Stream Hybrid Pro, Legal To use, Hand dredge system to process paydirt faster and win more gold.

The Non-motorised X-Stream Hybrid Pro hand pump represents 10 years of development and is totally submersible. Designed to mine placer gold from creeks and streams with the ability to replace the valve gasket in the field.

The new patented valve is designed to eliminate clogging and spitting (forward flow) while still using our tried and true leather cups. Included with this hand dredge pump.

The xtsream Hybrid pro is perfect for getting down in the water and processing material ready for your sluice run. 3 Nozzles make sure you have the right one for the right job.

Use the bigger nozzle to process sands and upto 25mm material directly to your bucket or with the optional 10 Inch header box, directly down your 10 inch sluice run.

Or go Sniper and clean out those crevices and cracks where gold likes to hide.

The Ultimate way to process more material and win more gold.

What's in the Box Mate?

• 6 foot hose

• 2 gallon "Quick View" bucket and twist off "Gamma Lid"

• Three specialty nozzles with extension

• Instructions

• Manufacturer warranty.

3 nozzles are included with this hand dredge:

• Sniper Nozzle with "Rock Block" reaches into cracks and crevices.

• Bulk Sand Nozzle- Designed to quickly draw sand and 1/2 inch material.

• Classifier Nozzle- filters sticks and leaves and gets just the sand #8 and smaller.

GO DEEP! Hand dredge itself is 30 inches long before attaching any nozzle; 8 inch extension is included giving you even more reach!

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