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XP Mi4 PinPointer and Finds Bag Package Deal

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The XP Mi4 PinPointer is making a name for itself in Australian Metal detecting circles. Rugged, Waterproof and re-chargeable it ticks all the boxes.

The Most Common questions we get:

How waterproof is it?

6m Waterproof, so no worries there. It has a double sealed cap and No speaker hole in the side. It is proper waterproof.

Whats the difference between an Mi4 and an Mi6?

BLUETOOTH, that's it. They are the same pin pointer, except the the Mi6 is bluetooth and can be intergrated with ORX, Deus and Deus II.

What Battery do I need?

NONE Its built in and rechargeable.

How long will the battery last?

8hrs easy Longer if you turn off vibrate mode.

Will the Mi4 work with My High end Pulse induction Machine?

YES, we have tested the Mi4 in the field with all the high end machines and they work well together. Obviously not right nest to each other. But you can carry an Mi4 on your hip with no interference to your machines.

Can you post it?

Yes we can!

Order today and with this package you'll get the Mi4 PinPointer and the XP finds bag all for one price.

MI4    $229
Finds Bag $39.95

You get Both For $239