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XP DEUS, DEUS II and ORX Nano Screen Protector 3pk

XP DEUS, DEUS II and ORX Nano Screen Protector 3pk

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XP Nano Screen Protector 3pk

Unlike traditional film screen protectors, these Nano-Glass screen protectors are made from an extremely scratch and impact resistant hardened glass.  The Nano-Glass is also extremely flexible making it very easy to apply to your metal detector's screen.

Designed specifically for the XP Remotes, these screen protectors will keep your display screen beautifully crisp and clear.  Mud can be easily wiped off of this glass without fear of scratching the screen and the waterproof backing means that the protector is unaffected by water.

The Nano-Glass screen protector can easily be removed and replaced and will not leave any residue on your metal detectors screen.


  • 3 Nano-Glass screen protectors for The XP Metal Detectors.

  • Flexible for easy application to your metal detector's screen.

  • Highly scratch and impact resistant.

  • Hides existing micro scratches.

  • Includes dry and wet cloth for easy application.

  • Waterproof adhesion.

  • Installation Instructions Included.
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