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XP Detectors Hard Travel case for your XP Deus.

XP Detectors Hard Travel case for your XP Deus.

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Designed specifically for the XP Deus and XP ORX, this Hardcase will keep your deus or ORX safe and sound and all your gear in One place.

The XP Metal Detector Hard Transport Case is designed for use with the XP DEUS metal detector and all models that feature the XP ‘S’ telescopic stems. 

This is the perfect accessory to transport, store and protect your XP metal detector and accessories.. This new case is the perfection solution to safely transport all of your XP equipment when you are on the go.

The case is made from polypropylene. It is designed to be durable, shockproof and weatherproof. This case is both tough and lightweight to carry. Stainless steel hinges guarantee a long life. This case features a large base that is both stable and well balanced.

Due to the size of this Product shipping can be expensive, If the AUSTRALIA POST quote in your cart is just stupid, then call me as I do have an alternate delivery service that works to most areas.

Xp Deus Hard case


XP Deus harcase interior


If you do Buy a an XP Deus or ORX kit with the case, we can pack the kit into the case for safe shipping and ease of transport for you.

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