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Tyger Stainless Ground HOG for precision target recovery

Tyger Stainless Ground HOG for precision target recovery

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Welcome to the Tyger Stainless Groundhog, Designed for shallow target recovery with minimum ground disturbance and for recovering those deep targets to avoid striking them.

As we all Know Jonno at Tyger is a detectorist and he makes killer detectorist tools. Its been a while since a new product came out from Tyger and the ground hog is the result of a lot of testing.

Its the Little things, Like curving the part that sits in your palm to make it more comfortable. As well as the many many tests to find the perfect length, balance and weight while maintaining strength.

You only ever buy ONE Tyger product because they are built for TOUGH.

My Favorite saying with Tyger Digging tools is "You will them to your Grandkids"

The Ground Hog is a precision Tool, Its designed for quick shallow target recovery with very little disturbance to the ground. a MUST if your hunting Public areas and you intend to go back.

The Ground hog is also perfect for deep target recovery after you have removed the bulk of the material. It allows you to get in the hole with the pointer and remove the target with no fear of target strike.

Nothing worse than scratching a scarce date coin with your digging tool. We have all done it and to be honest its worse than not finding anything at all. Its a Horrible feeling!!

The Tyger Ground hog is also very light weight and will easily fit into your finds bag.

I carry Mine in the Inside Pocket of the Gray ghost Ultimate finds bag.

Grab your Ground Hog today and it will become one of those things that you'll drive to get if you forget it.

Happy Hunting



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