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Tyger Stainless Digging Tool the Snake.

Tyger Stainless Digging Tool the Snake.

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The Tyger Stainless Steel "Snake" Hand digger has an elongated T-Shaped handle for superior leverage and ease of use.

Measuring around the 42 Cm In Total Length and 8 cm at its widest point the Snake is an ideal Digging tool. The 16cm Digging blade has been hand welded and bent slightly lengthwise to maintain strength.

The T-shaped handle of the SNAKE is perfect for two handed use and to gain leverage when cutting your plug, the large guard between the handle and the blade allows for a second leverage point.

Double edge serrated blades make grass and small root cutting a Breeze.

Just place downward pressure on the t-handle and wobble the digger backwards and forwards and it slides into the ground perfectly. The double serrated edges cut the gras and roots neatly and easily.


The Tyger SNAKE is an ideal tool for those that find they get hand pain from conventional style diggers. The Snake also ends the "Palm Callouse" as you second had has ample leverage points.

INCREASE Your recovery Rate
DECREASE your Footprint.

Grab a quality Australian Handmade Digging Tool.

Tyger stainless steel Snake

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