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Tyger Stainless Digging Tool the CUB.

Tyger Stainless Digging Tool the CUB.

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The CUB Hand digger from Tyger stainless is the smallest digging tool in the Tyger Range and a great place to start.

Measuring around the 30 Cm In Total Length and 8 cm at its widest point the cub is an ideal Lighter weight Digging tool. The 16cm Digging blade has been hand welded and bent slightly lengthwise to maintain strength.

The handle of the cub is perfect for one handed use, but the large guard between the handle and the blade of the shovel, allow for 2 handed operation in required.

Double edge serrated blades make grass and small root cutting a Breeze.

The Tyger cub is also an excellent secondary digger for deeper targets, and allow you to remove the soil under the plug, quickly and efficiently while keeping away from the target to avoid "Target Strike"

If your a park Hunter and want an easy way to remove shallower targets without leaving a trace then the Tyger CUB Hand digging tool will be your digger of choice.

INCREASE Your recovery Rate.
DECREASE your Footprint.

Grab a quality Australian Handmade Digging Tool.

Tyger stainless Digging tools the Cub

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