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The Tambaroora Prospectors ring in Beautiful 925 Silver

The Tambaroora Prospectors ring in Beautiful 925 Silver

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The "Tambaroora" Prospectors ring has been re-created in 925 Silver and can now be yours to own and wear.

On a sunny day, well let's just say it was. Shane Turner took his metal detector to Tambaroora for a session of coin and relic hunting. Like many of us he was looking for lost history and hopefully stumbling across a gold nugget or 2 as well.

Well that day he missed the gold nuggets but what he uncovered was even better. The "Tambaroora" prospectors ring was lost by an Unknown prospector in the goldfields. Only to have Shane come along many many years later and with technology the "old-timer" never even dreamt of, was able to locate the lost ring.

The ring itself shows the age old sign of the prospector, the crossed pick and shovel and has some lovely design work around the edges to really make the ring look anything but plain.

The Prospectors ring was often worn as a sign of prosperity and many of these where designed by the wearer and made by hand by a local Metal Smith. 

We will never Know the true history of this ring or who it was that had it made, the lack of hallmarks on the original say it was produced as a one off and not by the regular British smiths that where hallmark obsessed.

We can assume that the prospector that wore the ring at some stage had a good find and had it made for themselves, Only to loose it looking for the next payable ground. We can only Hope they found the patch they where looking for and spent many a night enjoying the fruits of their labours and resting tired bones.

The "Tambaroora" prospectors ring is available in 925 Silver made locally by Hand.

Each ring is Handmade in Australia, By a local Smith and therefore each one will have its own particular character. This is NOT mass produced and the same skills used to make the original are used to make these stunning recreations. Albeit the equipment is somewhat more modern.

You will need to Know your exact ring size as any modifications will need to be done at your own expense if the sizing is wrong. Don't take the easy way on this step, get your finger measured correctly if you don't know the size. After all you don't want to be putting it on the ground for some detectorust to find in 10 Years. LOL

Or do you??

Can I use my Own Gold?
NO sorry at this stage the labour would be too high to individually smelt each batch to keep your gold seperate. This may become a premium service in the future.

How many will be Made?
In Silver the Number is uncapped.

Are there other Designs?
We hope to bring you more in the future, this First ring is to see if the Australian Prospector is interested in a product like this. It is unique as far as we know.

Can I get it in Gold?
YES Gold is available in limited production runs. GOLD is available at the link below and is by special order in batches. see listing for details.

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