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Minelab GPX 6000 Gold Detector Bundle

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Minelab GPX 6000 Gold Detector Bundle

Minelab has quite simply dominated the dedicated gold detector market for a long time right across the world. Innovative, powerful machines that are finding smaller and deeper targets.

 The Fact you have landed on this page suggests your looking for one of the best Quality gold finding machines money can buy. You probably already know most of the facts so lets not get bogged down in specifications.

I'll tell you you a quick story about the 6000 and then tell you How Aussie Detectorist would like to earn your business if you decide to pull the trigger on a Minelab GPX 6000.

First the story,

Day 2 of the tour and everyone, except one Gentleman on a 7000, had gold in the hand. For most it was their first piece and for some it ws their first time even looking for gold with the hired SDC 2300s. A Great Tour but we had to get the 7000 Dude a piece.

It wasn't a settings thing or even a technique issue, the bloke just couldnt seem to put the coil over a piece and it was getting late on the last day.

I pick slaved for him for a while and we dug a fair few holes, but still we couldnt nail a piece.

In the end I said, let me go and grab the 6000 and with 2 coils on the ground surely we can find one.

Grabbed the GPX 6000 and raced down to a spot a bloke had dug a 2 odd gram piece a month before, he had then detected that area pretty heavily after that, but I saw it as the best chance to snag a piece.

Now this is where it got weird. I got a signal almost immediately, it was feint but there. I marked it and moved on. We will come back to it.

Within 15 steps I had 4 noises marked. 2, Including the first one where a bit suss in my book but hey we needed something here and I was willing to dig a ghost, Just in case.....

Back to the first marked target, I called the bloke over with his 7000 and said "Can you hear that one?" He , Just like me, was as suss as. I said, "As I put you on it, Ill dig the hole". I scraped about 4 inches off straight away, time was short. The signal Increased. He was still suss, I was sure we had at least a target of some sort.

I dug down another 4 inches or so and by then he grabbed the pick. This was a target for sure.

At about 15 Inches we finally moved the target and a nugget appeared that ended up weighing just under a gram. It was one of those water worn thin Jobs and I suspect had its skinny side up in the ground. But we got it! The Bloke was stoked, I was standing there thinking, "WOW that's a big hole, I wonder what those other three are?" It looked possible that we may have 3 more decent holes to go. LOL

TBH It took some convincing to get the bloke to dig the other targets I had marked. He was pretty knackered by this time and I suspect he thought the same as me, Not 3 more foot plus deep holes surely.

Next one he could JUST hear. I ran the 6000 over it and it was loud and clear this was a target. We recovered the target with that. It was another piece of gold at about 7 inches weighing under 0.2 of a gram.

We then got a lead Bird shot at about the same depth, woohoo! And then the last target we almost gave up on as I kept loosing it with the 6000 and the 7000 was dead quiet.

After what seemed like 3 hours but was probably 15 minutes we recovered a piece of gold that can only be described as a picker. It didn't even bother the scales. Depth was only about 2 maybe three inches before the target started playing hide and seek.

So the bloke that had no Gold, ended up with three pieces from four targets marked in 15 steps I took with the 6000. 3 could be heard with the 7000, but you would have to have some experience to hear them while open range detecting. IMHO. The last tiny one nothing.

What I took from this little experience, that all in all took about an hour, was that in such a short time and with barely any effort I had located targets in well detected ground that had literally saved my bacon and this guys trip by finding targets so quickly.

Less than 30 seconds to deploy the machine and be detecting from the time you pick it up. The sensitivity to small gold at depth is just ridiculous and at 2.1kg you don't need a harness.

I've now been on about 6 trips with the Minelab GPX 6000 and never missed getting gold.

Convinced the Minelab GPX 6000 is your next machine yet?

Well If this is your next machine, Why choose Aussie Detectorist?

Clegy, Andrew and Jacob are all Detectorists and have a lot of experience in the field using the gear you'll find on the shelf in the shop.

We all pride ourselves on making sure you get the right machine for what your wanting to achieve and we make sure you get that machine very quickly. Distance is not an issue, we send a lot of gear all over Australia and in 5 years have never lost a package.

You'll also Find that with our high end machines you get few little extra's like a control box cover and some recovery gear.

In the future if you need assistance with your machine then we are ready to help. With regular Outdoor activities, you can join in on, to get some assistance with your gear.

That brings us to the last point about Aussie Detectorist, We like to see you again after the sale, so you'll get invites and access to all out free Events and training days etc. A lot of new friendships have been formed and detecting trips organised off the back of a chance meeting at the weekends away. So you'll be part of our community and you can drop by the store and demand coffee on most days. LOL

We would love to help with your New Minelab GPX6000 so please don't hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call. We will make it easy for you.

0467 614 701 During Business Hours and Until 2 pm Saturday. Or Hit us on the contact us Page

So where does the GPX 6000 fit into the range of Minelab metal detectors?

Well it fits right between the top of the range GPZ 7000 and the Current GPX 5000.

Minelab GPX 6000

You can see the Tagline on the picture above, All Gold, All soils, All the time!

This is what stands the GPX 6000 out from the current crop in that the machine will work out its optimum settings for you. No need to try and decide the right timing and right combination of settings, the GPX 6000 works most of that out for you.

With the launch of the GPX 6000 we will see very powerful technology but without all the switches, settings and complications of some of the other machines in the range.

Are you ready to let the machine do the thinking, for switch on and go gold detecting?

Then the GPX 6000 is probably your next gold detector.

Give us a Call 0467 614 701

Clegy, Andrew and Jacob
Aussie Detectorist