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Minelab XTERRA PRO Metal Detector.

Minelab XTERRA PRO Metal Detector.

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Discover the Power of Minelab XTERRA PRO Metal Detector.

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The Minelab XTERRA PRO Metal Detector is a top-grade detecting device engineered with sophistication and precision. It empowers all treasure hunters to uncover hidden jewels in the most challenging environments.

This versatile metal detector, codenamed 'Xterra Pro', boasts of superior technology and impressive features tailored to deliver efficiency during your hunts. No matter the environment you venture into, Xterra Pro guarantees success in your treasure hunts.

With its advanced metal detecting technology, Xterra Pro stands out as an unrivalled choice for detecting enthusiasts who value performance and durability. It combines comfort and functionality, making treasure hunting an exciting endeavor instead of a daunting task. Unearth buried treasures with ease using the powerful Minelab XTERRA PRO Metal Detector.

SEARCH MODES Park, Field and Beach


BEACH PERFORMANCE Saltwater Capability LIGHT AND COMPACT 1.3 kg (2.9 lb) and 63 cm (25 in)

AUDIO CONTROL 5 Audio Modes with configuration options

CHOICE OF COILS V12X™ (Included), V8X™ & V10X™ (Accessories)

LIGHTING AND VIBRATION Control Pod Flashlight, Red Backlight Display, Backlit Keypad, and Handgrip Vibration

LOUD AND CLEAR AUDIO In-Built Speaker (Included), Low Latency Wireless Headphones, Wired Headphones & Waterproof Headphones (Accessories)

BUILT TO LAST Rugged construction and up to 3-year Warranty

Technical Specifications

Search Modes Park, Field, Beach

All-Metal Shortcut Yes

Custom Search Profiles 6

Operating Frequencies (kHz) Park and Field: 5, 10, 15 | Beach: 8

Noise Cancel Auto (19 Channels)

Ground Balance Auto, Manual, Tracking Sensitivity 1 to 25

Target Volume 0 to 25

Threshold Level 0 to 25

Threshold Pitch Fixed

Target Identification (TID) 119 segment notch discrimination: Ferrous: -19 to 0 | Non-ferrous: 1 to 99

Target Tones 1, 2, 5, All Tones (AT), Depth (dP)

Tone Break Ferrous (t1)

Tone Volume Tone 1 adjustable: 0 to 25

Recovery Speed 1 to 3

Depth Indicator 5 levels

Discrimination Segments 30 segments (in increments of 4 Target IDs)

Pinpoint Mode Yes

Wireless Audio Yes

Length (approx.) Collapsed: 63 cm (25 in) Extended: 138 cm (54 in)

Weight (including batteries) 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs)

Display Monochrome LCD Display and Keypad Backlight (red) Off, High, Low Flashlight On, Off Vibration (Master and Ferrous) On, Off

Supplied Coil V12X 12" Double-D Elliptical coil with skid plate

Audio Output In-built loudspeaker, Wired 3.5 mm (⅛") headphones, Wireless headphones Battery 3.7 V / 5100 mAh Internal Lithium-Ion battery

Additional Included Accessories Getting Started Guide, Charging Cable

Waterproof 5 m (16 ft) IP68

Operating Temperature Range -10°C to +40°C (+14°F to +104°F)

Storage Temperature Range -20°C to +70°C (-4°F to +158°F)

Key Technologies Pro-Switch™

The X-TERRA PRO is compatible with the ML 85 low-latency wireless headphones. No headphones are included with the X-Terra Pro.

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Minelab X-TERRA PRO Metal Detector. Minelab
Minelab XTERRA PRO Metal Detector.X-TERRA PRO
Minelab XTERRA PRO Metal Detector.X-TERRA PRO
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