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Minelab Profind 40 Pin Pointer

Minelab Profind 40 Pin Pointer

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Minelab Profind 40 Handheld Pin Pointer. The latest Minelab Pin Pointer with some great features.

Minelabs Latest Pin Pointer for detecting enthusiasts the pro-find 40. 

  • 10% more depth than the PRO-FIND 35
  • A Rapid Re-tune function, making it quick and easy to compensate for ground conditions
  • Improved stability for more accurate pinpointing
  • Adjustable Sensitivity with 5 levels of adjustment
  • A lost alarm that sounds after a period of inactivity and combined with a bright red body makes the PRO-FIND 40 easy to locate
  • A ferrous tone ID that helps to sort trash from treasure

Go Red, Because we all Know that Red goes faster!

Grab your Minelab Pro find 40 Pin Pointer today. 

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