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Minelab Go-Find 22 Metal Detector with a FREE BAG!!

Minelab Go-Find 22 Metal Detector with a FREE BAG!!

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Minelab Go-find 22 Metal Detector, Simple, Light and powerful Beginner metal detector for everyone.

Start your Treasure hunting with the Minelab Go-find 22. 
Its waterproof 8 Inch coil makes wet grass and shallow water a breeze, Simple to use, Folds away tiny and at 1 kilo is easily swung by the smallest Detectorist.

Grab your Go-find 22 from Aussie detectorist and we will get you and your family up and running at one of our regular training sessions.


- Compact and Lightweight

- 2 Search modes

- Easy to use, set up in seconds.

- Suitable for juniors and seniors alike

Get the Kids outside this weekend with a Minelab go-find 22.

This month, we are including a FREE GO-Find Carry bag to store your machine. Save another $29.95, only while stock lasts!

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